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Destination Taos, New Mexico

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We love doing destination weddings, and what incredible destinations we have to offer—Santa Fe and Taos, to name just two. What makes a destination wedding special is not just the beauty of the place, but the experience people have when attending a wedding there.

New Mexico is known as the land of enchantment, and this refers not only to its gorgeous big-sky sunsets, breath-taking landscapes, and charming adobe architecture, but also to the way you feel here, far from the trappings of modern life, transported into a world rich with culture, art, and inspiration.

Take for example the August wedding of Lindsey and George, who were married in Taos. While the guests mingled at the reception at the gorgeous El Monte Sagrado in Taos Living Resort and Spa, a world-renowned local artist stood at an easel and painted the scene. This painting will be a life-long treasure for Lindsey and George, and seeing its creation was an unusual and memorable part of the reception.  

The artist, Ed Sandoval, is a Taos icon as colorful as his paintings, which are described as expressionistic symphonies of color. He is often seen painting at his easel in the parking lot of the Ed Sandoval gallery, surrounded by a circle of curious tourists.

Ed is a passionate painter, and he brings this passion to his work. He can be commissioned for your wedding. Call or email us to learn more. We would love to help you plan a memorable experience for you and your guests. To inquire, call us at 505-670-6570 or send us an email.

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